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Rich DeWilde is a San Francisco based musician whose solo material is based on an intimate and revealing portrait through piano of beauty, ache, honesty of emotion, and connection to the heart. Occasionally laced with a drippingly soulful harmonica,  his songs engage with passion, wordplay, and the desire to deeply feel.

Audience and listener responses to his shows have been heartfelt: "We felt honored to be here", "it's as though you throw a life rope to the crowd and we all just hang on", "incredibly romantic", and "just pure soul" have been but a few extremely kind comments from live shows. On internet radio, the following comments have been sent his way: "Beautiful- made me cry. Piano and harp together...really love it." “Simple. Pure. Heartfelt. Keep on playing! ”
"All I need is an easy chair and a glass of wine." "Beautiful. Truly. Thanks."

Wonder, his newest CD release, consists of seven songs of reaching to understand our mutual feelings of love, loss, hurt, joy, and life. The opening song Tell Me More is simply gorgeous, with a desperately heartfelt and delicate solo at song's end. It is followed by the vicious wickedness of Don't Need, brooding with edge and acerbity, and then swells of piano lines cresting in Logic Abandoned.

It continues. Keep Singing Silly Love Songs is an ascending ode to the beauty of you. Another Statement as a love note and Want are impassioned musical pleas for feeling, for understanding anguish, empathy, and desire. The final song, Sing About World Peace, is at once self-deprecating and mocking while also sincere and truthful. And yet the chorus once again tugs at the heartstrings.

World peace? Love? Yearning? What kind of political hippieness is this? Join DeWilde Party and bask in the glow of the heart.

All CDs are available on iTunes, Amazon, etc., and can be found on Spotify as well.